Most of the ancient art works that have reached till the present day, are made from “Limestone”. Currently, handicraft is losing its relevance by letting robots to take its place. It is obvious that handicraft will vanish by the time. Therefore, nowadays, handcrafted materials are precious and highly valued in all over the world.

Our company with “20 years” experience and a highly talented, well-educated sculpture team is ambitious in giving “a new breath to stone” and returning it to life again. Our goal is to synchronize the past with the present and turn the raw stone into a unique and forever lasting art and complete our mission by “touching the soul” of your homes and workplaces. Our products containing natural lime which are heat-cold resistant and can be used in indoor, and outdoor areas. It should be noted that our outdoor models will change the color to a more antique look over the time. On the other hand, our outdoor models have been designed to decorate your house and office will maintain their first-day color.

We believe you will have leasure whenever you look at our handcrafted works and sail into the depths of history.